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Why tribe leadership? 

Tribe Leadership walks alongside those leaders who are ready to build self-awareness, communication, resilience and courage. 

Meet Danelle Jones
Custodian of tribe leadership retreats,

Passionate about reinventing organisations from the very bones up.

Today our world asks more of us than ever before. As leaders, and aspiring leaders, we must steward our organisations through unprecedented change and build communities that are responsive yet resilient.

We truly believe every aspiring leader has something unique to harness in themselves, that will ensure they not only survive, but thrive in an increasingly complex and demanding world. Our purpose is to shape the way humans organise on a grand-scale, to unlock your unique potential and the potential of your team.

No matter our circumstance or current context, we can all take the next step in becoming an impactful, humanistic leader.


With sincerity and commitment, tribe dedicates time and energy into advocacy. This is not another ‘tick in the box’ for the corporate label, this is a dedication to dismantle the systems that exist from which we derive incredible benefit, whilst others suffer discrimination, disadvantage, and oppression from.
With this same sincerity and commitment, our clients show up to actively work in a meaningful advocacy space. Are you ready to make this commitment to show up for  communities outside of your own direct personal gain?

In asking that my clients are actively working in an advocacy space before I say yes to working with them, it's about the fact that I want to see that you are the type of person who is also willing to do the work for a group outside your own direct personal gain, it feeds that service mentality (why I'm a volunteer firefighter) for building community, and then going beyond that into advocacy that actively dismantles and shifts power structures.


On a practical level, it gives you an avenue to practice change making skills, to do a lot of work on understanding how to shift people's mindset - and it's outside your work context so the idea is that you can cross-pollinate a bit with what you learn, plus blend the line between corporate life and real life (as a way of building empathy and breaking that cycle of disconnection and justifying bad behaviour in a corporate context because 'it's good business').

tribe honors the importance of

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