"This week was packed with experiences that helped me grow as a person and therefore as a leader.

Danelle was absolutely brilliant. They say that “The quality of your coach determines the quality of coaching” and I couldn’t agree more.  

I feel that this week helped me to grow as a leader, and most importantly, helped me understand what kind of leader I want to be: a more collaborative and courageous one. One who will try out new ways, give it a go, reflect and if needed, bounce back.

Thank you Danelle for the wonderful journey. I would strongly recommend the Tribe Leadership Retreat to anyone who wants to grow their experiences and understanding of themselves in the context of leadership. "

Vered Netzer, Tech Strategy and Delivery Consultant

"Thank you for creating something so wonderful.  For my whole adult life I've been searching for evidence that I was not alone in thinking that large-scale business could be led through a connection to people and place. 

Southern Soak put me in an environment of like-minded people so that we could explore these ideas.

Having access to a real client with real product and business development problems was invaluable for learning about team building in a room full of leaders."

Read the full letter here

Read the full letter here

Experience Design Lead Consultant, Energy & Finance Sectors

"It's such a beautiful experience, to be amongst a wonderful group of people who have much to offer and do in the new world of work.  It's not a dream, it's happening.  Thank you!"

Entrepreneur and Business Owner, Melbourne, Australia

“I met Danelle Jones when we were both working on a ground breaking  cross company initiative.  It was from working with Danelle on this program that I realised how rare it is to meet someone as engaging, organised, intelligent and calm as Danelle, critical attributes for the considerable size of the program.  Danelle was always one step ahead she knew what needed to be done each day and worked with all the key stakeholders to ensure they met their delivery milestones. Nothing seemed to faze Danelle, when at times the rest of us seemed to be frantic, Danelle was a sea of calm amongst the chaos tackling each task with a smile.  Danelle’ s  guidance, insights  reassurance and enthusiasm not only during this initiative but over the subsequent years which have followed  have been sought out and immensely valued by myself.”

Telecommunications Executive, Melbourne Australia

“After working with Danelle through varying engagements including technology delivery, business engagement and cultural change over a number of years I can say that it always ends in a great outcome.  Danelle’s open and value focused approach is refreshing and keeps a team aligned and moving in the right direction.  Add to that the energy Danelle brings to the journey and we all have a lot of fun along the way.”

Engagement Manager, Telecommunications, Melbourne Australia