Southern Soak 2018

3-11 November 2018, Queenstown New Zealand


Explore the foundational capabilities of new era leadership amidst the breathtaking Southern Alps of New Zealand.

This week-long retreat will develop your insight and practical skills for self development in a rapidly changing world.  We'll explore how to grow your capacity for:

  • Handling uncertainty and ambiguity

  • Personal resilience

  • Positive conflict

  • Appreciating cognitive dissonance

  • Courage

  • Active reflection

  • Community building

We limit places to ensure a deep soak for each participant to work on themselves and connect with peers.


A "Life Changing" Program

That's how our participants from 2017 described their experience and it set the bar.  We develop our program to ensure you get the most from taking a week to focus on yourself.  This is a sacred space for your development.

In the era of information-workers, soft skills are essential in unleashing an organisation’s fullest potential:

Our trainers have spent many years in enterprise consulting applying these techniques in the workplace.  Taking people out the office helps refine the focus onto the more personal aspects of leadership that we often don’t make time for during our busy work days.

Benefits for you:

  • You'll learn practical tools for organisational and self-reflection

  • You'll have increased confidence, an improved capacity for navigating uncertainty and greater personal resilience

  • You'll develop greater executive presence, through deep personal insight into your own communication style and preferences and how you "show up" to others

  • You'll have access to the alumni network and mentoring program: a community of like-minded professionals with a vast collective intelligence

  • You'll have 3 hours of coaching to spend post-retreat, ensuring you get the support you need to affect change ongoing

Benefits for your employer:

  • People who can keep-step with an ever increasing pace of change

  • Individuals who are better under pressure

  • Leaders with greater executive presence, bolstered influence and collaboration skills

  • Colleagues who develop deeper insight, are more effective communicators and savvy problem solvers


Redefining the role of the leader

The world today asks more of us than ever before.  The pace of change forces us to become more responsive as organisations, and that necessitates changes in our leadership practice too.  Learn the concept of servant leadership, and practical tools to help shift your language and questions to an approach that empowers your team to go further and faster than you ever thought possible.

Better conversations

Conversation is one of our primary mediums as leaders.  When we seek first to understand and learn to return problems unsolved, we tap into building the capability in our teams to self-direct and continually learn towards better outcomes.  You'll learn techniques for asking  open-ended questions and harnessing momentum across a group.



Beyond teams: Building community

We'll discuss the four pillars of trust, and the method we use with all our consulting clients to build key stakeholder engagement.  Learn the secrets of building community beyond a team and how to unlock the power of the hidden network in organisations.

Showing up fully

Understanding our own personal communication style and how that shows up to others,  builds our ability to choose a style that will ensure our message is heard.  Retreat attendees receive a communications style profile of their own which is used during the retreat to gain new personal insights.  Learn how to tailor your approach to different styles, yet retain the core integrity of the message you deliver, to build rhythm, consistency and clarity for your organisation.



Tools for reflection and insight

Mindfulness practice is a critical tool for leaders to develop personal insight and has many additional health benefits when practiced regularly.

During this retreat you'll have a chance to try a number of different mindfulness  techniques, to ensure we find something that fits your own personal style.  Not everyone's into chakra healings and that's absolutely ok - but don't dismiss the huge potential that comes from being able to connect body, mind and give yourself some passive space for the things that bubble up during your continued learning journey.

Harnessing the power of mindfulness ensures you can continue to reflect and learn without the need for constant input from the outside and additional training courses.


Destination Queenstown

A destination site for thrill seekers and snow bunnies, Queenstown features in many film productions due to the stunning mountain backdrop.  The township boasts gateway to some of New Zealand's most beautiful wilderness areas in the southern Otago region.

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Retreat rate includes tuition + accommodation + food.  We have retreat rates starting from $4,200 NZD per person. 

We love what we do and we believe your experience will be a powerful one.  If you attend the full course and are dissatisfied with the retreat,  we will refund your payment in full.