Funding your retreat with tribe

Keen to join in but unsure about how to fund your retreat?  Let us help!  We're able to offer different options for how to pay for your retreat, navigate financial year ends, maximise learning and development budgets and would be happy to support fundraising efforts. 

Check out the information below or call Danelle direct on +64 2041226550 for a confidential chat.

No need to pay all at once


Straight up

You pay a deposit of $800 NZD and balance is due 28 days before the retreat start date.


Monthly payments

Once you've paid your deposit, we'll divide the balance payment equally across the remaining months before your retreat.  A monthly direct debit ensures you can still take advantage of early bird specials whilst smoothing out the financial kinks.


The Starbucks version

We don't offer caramel sauce but we're happy to work with you around your personal constraints or organisation's timelines.  Once you've paid your deposit, make payments of whatever amount you choose, and when funds are available.  Final payment is due before the retreat start date.