Life Enhancement Skills

You know that feeling like there’s something missing - you’ve been successful, but it’s not quite enough and you don’t necessarily love the person you are when you’re with your family?

Sometimes it's less about mastering your craft than forming the habits for success and nourishing yourself.  Whether you're looking for healthier lifestyle choices around nutrition, exercise, or improved resilience and mental clarity, we have a network of professionals who are here to help.


Mindfulness - $120 / hour

Like a personal trainer for your mind.  We'll work one on one with you for a take-anywhere practice that builds clarity, helps you stay grounded and resilient in a hectic environment.


Yoga - $120 / hour

Work with your trainer to develop a therapeutic practice that enhances your physical and mental wellbeing whilst building flexibility and strength.

Our classes are designed specifically to address concepts of personal and professional development we work with in our coaching program - to help you digest on a whole other level.


Silent Retreats - $420 / person

Take a weekend for yourself and indulge in silence.  Our package includes a 2 night stay in Glenorchy with a plant-based menu and options on guided meditation and yoga practice.  You'll also have the chance to explore our gentle property, this is a uniquely personal experience.