Leading with Confidence

In this 2-day workshop, you'll learn foundational techniques for leadership in the new era through a blended immersive experience.  You'll also gain a window into what goes on when you attend a retreat with tribe.  Whether you're an aspiring leader or a seasoned executive, we tailor the depth of content to suit your needs.


Redefining the role of the leader

The world today asks more of us than ever before.  The pace of change forces us to become more responsive as organisations, and that necessitates changes in our leadership practice too.  Learn the concept of servant leadership, and practical tools to help shift your language and questions to an approach that empowers your team to go further and faster than you ever thought possible.

Better conversations

Conversation is one of our primary mediums as leaders.  When we seek first to understand and learn to return problems unsolved, we tap into building the capability in our teams to self-direct and continually learn towards better outcomes.  You'll learn techniques for asking  open-ended questions and harnessing momentum across a group.



Trust, and how to build teams in a hurry

We'll discuss the four pillars of trust, and the method we use with all our consulting clients to build key stakeholder engagement.  Learn the secrets of building community beyond a team and how to unlock the power of the hidden network in organisations.

Showing up fully

Understanding our own personal communication style and how that shows up to others,  builds our ability to choose a style that will ensure our message is heard.  Learn how to tailor your approach to different styles, yet retain the core integrity of the message you deliver, to build rhythm, consistency and clarity for your organisation.



Tools for reflection and insight

Mindfulness practice is a critical tool for leaders to develop personal insight and has many additional health benefits when practiced regularly.

During this 2-day retreat you'll have a chance to try a number of different mindfulness  techniques, to ensure we find something that fits your own personal style.  Not everyone's into chakra healings and that's absolutely ok - but don't dismiss the huge potential that comes from being able to connect body, mind and give yourself some passive space for the things that bubble up during your continued learning journey.

Harnessing the power of mindfulness ensures you can continue to reflect and learn without the need for constant input from the outside and additional training courses.

The program in detail

Day 1 - Redefining the role of the leader


8.30am - Mindfulness practice: Stretching (Spinal mobility as a metaphor for fluid leadership)

Tea break

10.30am - Morning working session (Servant leadership, theory and practice)

1pm - Lunch

3pm - Afternoon working session (Trust, Learning and Communication - Pillars for great teams)

5pm - Mindfulness practice: Reflection


Day 2 - Unleashing potential


8.30am - Mindfulness practice: Stretching (Resilience)

Tea break

10.30am - Morning working session (The Secrets of True Community, How to Build Teams in a Hurry)

1pm - Lunch

3pm - Afternoon working session (Pulling it all together in your workplace)

5pm - Mindfulness practice: Reflection

An investment of $800NZD + GST and your time earns you an eye-opening weekend with practical tools you can apply in the workplace (and at home) straight away.