Equine Therapy


Horses offer us a beautiful mirror and alternative paths into deeper personal insight.  They are the masters of non-verbal communication and provide feedback without the bias of hierarchy or political motivation we often find in our own organisations. 

You'll learn to expand your communications repertoire, get outside your comfort zone and receive unbiased feedback on how you're showing up on the day.  Working with horses can also provide a supportive environment for exploring deeper healing, reconciliation and release.

Our sessions require no prior experience with horses and we welcome all abilities.


One on One - $80 / 20 minutes

Schedule a private session and discover yourself in the eyes of another.  We'll chat to you ahead of time to ensure we understand what you're looking for in a session - whether it's communication strategies, or space for healing.

Yes, sessions can run longer than 20 minutes and we can accommodate this on the day.  We like to ensure you've got all the time you need, without flooding your experience.


Workshops - Tailored for you

We welcome the opportunity to design a one to three day retreat that meets your group's needs.  Let us guide your personal and team development with structured reflection space and an executive coach that can translate your learnings through to the office.


Join a Retreat

Our Southern Soak retreat in Queenstown incorporates the equine therapy / leadership components into a broader program structure.


"...horses relate to the world from a feminine or "yin" perspective.  As a result, the species is a living example of the success and effectiveness of feminine values, including cooperation over competition, responsiveness over strategy, emotion and intuition over logic, process over goal, and the creative approach to life that these qualities engender."

- Linda Kohanov