Destination Queenstown


Location - Queenstown, NZ

A destination site for thrill seekers and snow bunnies, Queenstown features in many film productions due to the stunning mountain backdrop.  The township boasts gateway to some of New Zealand's most beautiful wilderness areas in the southern Otago region.  

Venue - Kinloch Lodge

Nestled at the head of the Lake, Kinloch Lodge rests 70km from Queenstown, a stunning drive along the lake with views of the Humbolt mountain range, through ancient Beech forests and lush alpine valleys.  Kinloch is as accessible as it is out-of-the-way.  The lodge provides a fitting wilderness outpost for reflection.

kinloch lodge exterior

A number of accommodation options are available, with single or twin-share rooms fitted simply and comfortably.  The historic cafe and restaurant offers incredible views of the lake and you'll discover shared areas, meditation nests and a hot tub for tired bodies all at your fingertips.


Daily Rhythm

We appreciate your understanding as schedules can change and may be weather-dependent for some activities.  You can expect the following structure to a typical day: 

  • 7.30am Tea and fruit
  • 8.00 Daily mindfulness practice (active)
  • 9.30am Breakfast
  • 11am Working session 1
  • 1pm Lunch
  • 3pm Working session 2
  • 5pm Daily mindfulness practice (reflective - Yin Yoga or Meditation)
  • 7pm Dinner 

Mid-week we have a day trip to a local ranch, where you'll experience an incredibly special program working with horses to learn more about our deeper selves.  You need not have any experience with horses and we ensure that everyone has a chance to safely participate, with a variety of interactive activities.

There will also be 2 "breakout" sessions during the week, where you'll have the chance to chill by the lake, visit the village of Glenorchy, or participate in some of our local adventure activities - we book this in advance of your arrival.


During November, in spring, you can expect temperatures to range between 8-22C (46-72F) as the area eases into long summer evenings.  An alpine climate, weather can be changeable and it is always best to be prepared for the sometimes sudden drops in temperature.  Snow is rare on the ground in the township even in winter when the ski fields are at their peak.  You can read more about Queenstown's climate and seasons here.

What to pack

Dress code is casual business, bring with you comfortable clothes for a casual setting with peers from diverse organisational backgrounds.  You'll also need clothing for gentle stretching in the morning and outdoor hiking-type activities.  Please do ensure you bring warm clothes as temperatures can drop unexpectedly in an alpine climate, or alternatively swimmers for the hot tub also work (but it's a cold streak down the hill back to the room).  Please pack at least one pair of closed-toe walking shoes.

Please check visa requirements for your stay through New Zealand Immigration here.  If you have any questions we would be happy to assist.