Danelle Jones

I started life as a project manager in construction but quickly became fascinated with the less-than-certain environment of digital organisations.  Blending people, process, hardware and software into different concoctions intrigued me from the start.  We had fun.  A lot of fun, and we got some bangin' big projects off the ground and humming.  Not only that, we did it with enough style that I earned a reputation as a chick that could get it done.

So when one organisation decided they wanted to completely overhaul their way of working, give away long term projects and go for fast and furious agile delivery, at a scale that hadn't been tried before in Australia, it was a match made in heaven.

I got involved in transformation early and learned that it's not only the way of working that needs to change, but the subtlety of leading hearts and minds.  That if you don't change underlying *thinking* then you end up change that won't stick - it's simply a personality cult for a particular leader and when they leave, the headway they made evaporates, along with much of the company's investment.  I moved from running change programs, to reinventing the role of the executive as she/he empowered bottom-up change, developing teams that were obsessed with understanding and delighting customers.  We proved that  good customer service makes sense in an holistic, organisation-wide economic model - surpassing conventional tools that were designed to optimise each individual business unit, in the hope that if each of those ran efficiently then we'd get an overall better result.

The results have been phenomenal.  Both by traditional measures of revenue, productivity, but also the new insights we developed around true understanding of customers, not to mention the incredible change in the people we worked with.

And then I began to realise we can only go so far in the office.  tribe is my passion for supporting leaders, taken to the next level.  I believe the good guys don't finish last, I believe in setting an example so great that others can't help but have to take notice as you skyrocket your results beyond their wildest dreams.  And I believe this requires us to embrace all of ourselves, our hidden talents, our vulnerabilities, to bring our whole selves to the work place - and to enable that for our teams as well.  Imagine the incredible productivity uplift if we could use our full capabilities, rather than the tiny sliver that most of today's organisations exchange for a fortnightly pay cheque.

I've been incredibly privileged to have time with some of Asia-Pacific's top executives and to have real, raw, forthright and life-changing conversations.  I intend to use this position of privilege to change the face of leadership, one person at a time.

    For those of you who enjoy scary movies, here's the juicy bits:

    • Executive coach for enterprise transformatio in Retail, Banking, Telecommunications and Airline clients with >15,000 employees, utilising a variety of techniques including Lean, Agile, Systems Thinking (among others) to lead the cultivation of responsive organisations across Asia Pacific.
    • Portfolio Office (PMO) leadership with $1B capital works under management; specialisation in reinventing finance and investment practices, success and performance measurement and development of high performing distributed teams at significant scale.
    • World first practices in benefits tracking, strategic alignment using visual management techniques, enablement functions for self-organising teams.
    • A broad network in Australia and New Zealand of passionate, impactful global leaders