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tribe guides and prepares social and corporate leaders responsible for navigating the fluidity of their environs.

Today our world asks more of us than ever before.  As leaders, and aspiring leaders, we must steward our organisations through unprecedented change and build communities that are responsive yet resilient.

We truly believe every aspiring leader has something unique to harness in themselves, that will ensure they not only survive, but thrive in an increasingly complex and demanding world.  Our purpose is to unlock your unique potential and the potential of your team.  We blend mindfulness practice with leadership development programs outdoors, through our retreats and executive coaching.

We are a not for profit organisation that aspires to change the face of leadership, one person at a time, through purposeful self development.  We use accessible tools to build transferable skills and improve capability.

No matter our circumstance or current context, we can all take the next step in becoming an impactful, humanistic leader.

The global wilderness is our classroom.