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tribe leadership Retreats

A Retreat for Conscious Leaders & Change-Makers.

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Once a year we welcome a small group of leaders to a very special part of the world for an intimate deep dive into personal and professional growth.

The Mount Aspiring National Park is the perfect place to spend 5 incredible days in the company of a select group of CEOs and Executives who are driven to build an inspired, purpose-driven and wildly fulfilling future for their companies. 

What will you gain?

  •  5 incredible days (and 6 star-studded nights) mastering your business and enjoying yourself on an alpine wilderness adventure. 

  • By the end of this retreat, you will have at your fingertips the tools to refine your processes and systems with seemingly limitless possibility for improvement.

  • ​We’ll show you how to identify waste in your organisation and do the work that has meaningful impact for customers - so no matter the challenge you can zero in on what’s really important and ruthlessly prioritise for maximum impact.

  • ​You’ll discover how to let go of long-held structures that no longer serve you in today’s fast paced environment.

  • ​You’ll learn to lead at speed, develop your personal resilience and uplift your threshold for dealing with uncertainty and ambiguity - turning it into competitive advantage that allows your company to move faster than you ever imagined.

  • ​Immersed in New Zealand’s stunning wilderness landscape you’ll have the chance to understand and test your own limits physically, emotionally, intellectually. The result? Awareness, deep self knowledge and the confidence that comes with knowing when you’re playing in your box and when you’re ready to step outside it.

  • ​We’ll teach you the secrets of remaining present and grounded so you can be WITH people no matter the chaos around.

  • ​After working with our communication specialists, you’ll show up authentically, navigate the organisation and not lose the integrity of your message. Coupled with laser-like focus on customer value, you’ll be unstoppable.

Retreat Package

  • ​​Four deep-dive capability sessions with Danelle + lots of juicy retreat conversations all week

  • ​Pre-trip Preparation Class

  • ​One private 45 minute clarity session with Danelle to ensure you’re set up for success with your transformation roadmap

  • ​Boutique accommodations, five delicious dinners and six beautiful breakfasts at our stunning venue in Glenorchy

  • ​Adventures in nutrition at our evening with certified nutritionist Amanda Hanna who’ll share the secrets of food for resilience, better brain power and high performance

  • ​Masterclass with physio and breath coach Emma Ferris, who’ll unlock the tension you didn’t even know you were carrying, that’s blocking your effectiveness in the office and presence at home

  • ​​Heli-orienteering and equine leadership experiences to test your skills in the wilds and unpack how your actions show up for others

  • ​​There will be one airport pick up on arrival day (Sunday) and one airport drop off on departure day (Saturday) included (if you arrive at an odd time we can arrange pickup at an extra charge).

  • ​​Personal attention - we have only 10 places available to ensure you get the one-on-one time you need with our coaches and other guests

Retreat Bonuses

  • ​Access to our Business Transformation for Executives Blueprint - Our signature, 6 month online program for building responsive organisations that ensures you have the ongoing support you need to affect real change.

  • ​​An individual communication style assessment, including debrief and tailored personal development plan to help you identify, and then shift your frame.

  • ​​Forever access to our body intelligence classes including video and audio tracks that you can take anytime, anywhere for a quick workout or a mindful moment to re-centre.

  • ​​When you join the tribe alumni network you’ll connect with like-minded leaders out there changing the world.

Eco Retreat & Net-Zero Campground 


Camp Glenorchy offers visitors a unique opportunity to experience a holiday in harmony with nature.


Nestled among some of New Zealand’s most spectacular scenery, it reflects and celebrate our natural and cultural environment through buildings designed with non-toxic construction materials, native plantings, and creative touches from New Zealand artists and craftspeople.


The buildings provide guests with a comfortable, rustic aesthetic experience while using both simple and state-of-the-art technology to help reduce water and energy use.


Camp Glenorchy Eco Retreat has a wide range of room choices, priced for every budget. Whether you visit by yourself, as a couple, a family, or a corporate group, you’ll have your choice of standard or luxury ensuite cabins, bunkrooms, shared or private bunk huts or powered campervan/RV sites. Each is inviting well-appointed, and environmentally sustainable.


Your Facilitator 

Danelle Jones 

Danelle is a transformation executive coach, and a lover of the wild mountains and great outdoors. Join her in her natural environment. 

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